First love, Last hurt…^^

Once upon a time, there was a boy who names Kan. He was an ugly boy and quiet boy. Everybody didn’t like him because he doesn’t like talk with anyone.

One day, while he went to school, he’s met other boy who names Reak. Reak was a handsome boy with a very nice smile. Lots of girl in that school loved him but he didn’t have girlfriend yet. The first time Kan met Reak was a break time which Kan went and tell Reak, he loved Reak. But that was just a game that Kan play with his friends. That game was, if anyone lost, they have to do everything that the winner want. While Kan said love to Reak, Reak was very surprised. He didn’t know that was a game, he thought that was true. Suddenly, Kan asked him to be his lover as his friend wanted. Reak said, No, and Kan was very angry at him. Since that day, Kan never played that game anymore.

Kan has a friend name’s Thida. She’s Kan’s best friend. One day, Reak tried to be friendly with Kan and make Kan love him. Kan thought, Reak maybe didn’t kidding, so he started to love Reak. In fact, Reak loved Thida, and he used Kan to be a bridge for him. Kan was very love Reak because of the good things that Reak did to him. While Reak phoned or talked with Kan, he always talk about Thida too. But Kan never care about that thing. He only knew that, Reak love him.

One day, Thida told Kan that Reak loved her. Kan wasn’t believed her and thought that she wanted to make him and Reak break. Finally, Thida gave Kan a letter which written by Reak. In that letter had everything to made Kan know. He knew that Reak didn’t love him, Reak just played a story. Kan’s tears dropped too much. Thida tried to make her friend happy, but Kan still cried. He cried not because he was angry, but because he was stupid. Stupid that didn’t thought too much while Reak said loved him…He cried adn cried and cried.

2 days ago, Kan had changed! He wasn’t Kan before. He started to smile to everyone, started to be lovely boy, and never think about love anymore. His activities made Reak wondered. He told Reak that, last Kan is dead, and now is a new Kan. He became normally in 2 days, that was wonderful!!! Since that day, however, Kan’s tears never ever dropped down. And it’s what he’s now ^^

Thank to Reak that made Kan like this, Thank so much that made Kan know that this world not small. But Thank too, that make me know how hurt when you lied me….

I know in this text have lots of mistakes, so please forgive me if u see 😛

    • ញ៉ុម​អា​មុខឌឺ :D
    • 11 ខែ​ឧសភា 2010

    wondering if this the author’s story ^^

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